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Body Soul and Mind

with Vanessa

Vanessa’s Body Soul and Mind is a resource of hope and strength.

She’s ready to show you what you can accomplish with faith in Jesus, as well as a healthy interest in your own life, work and family. 

Vanessa’s programs, coaching and books, are all about encouraging women to overcome adversity and hardships.  To look fear straight in the eyes and say, no thanks, I’m moving forward into the life God has planned for me.

Vanessa offers you the exceptional support you need delivered in honesty and love.

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You Don’t Have To Be Perfect.

You Don’t Have To Be Perfect.

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5 MIni Renewal Sessions

These 5 mini renewal sessions will offer you intensive sessions for fast results.

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Coaching Packages

Get detailed 1:1 attention and rid your life of what doesn’t belong so that you can fill it with what does.

Through these focused sessions you’ll be able to evaluate where you are in this life, where you want to be and how to get there!

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Digital Resources

Like working at your own pace and on your own? These digital courses are the perfect fit. Find solutions for abundant living and learn how to practice your faith!

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You’re invited!

This October join strong, passionate courageous women at our Flourish retreat! Lodging and meals provided!

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