So happy you are here!

Welcome to Body Soul and Mind!  I am committed to encouraging and equipping you to truly live life in your God given purpose; the life you were meant to live!

I have learned that when my body, soul and mind  are in ALIGNMENT I truly THRIVE!  Does that sound like something you'd like to do?

Then keep reading...


My name is Vanessa Luu and I'm here to tell you, it's all about the MIND! 

I am here to support women like you in living in more of the GOOD and ABUNDANCE this life has to offer, rather than struggling or merely existing day after day.  I am a Life Coach committed to helping you elevate your body, soul and mind!  

My calling, my work is to encourage and equip women with what they need to live the life they were truly meant to live in Body Soul and Mind!  The programs I have to offer do just that.  

I have learned that all we do, all the changes with make, all the growth, or lack there of, that we experience, starts in the mind, and because of that, it is so important to strengthen our minds daily! 

  • "And be not conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, so that you may prove what the will of God is, that which is good and acceptable and perfect." Rom. 12:2-3

Being rooted in the truth is a powerful way to strengthen our minds!  How do you know what your truth is?  Well that's where I come in to help!  I help others find their truth foundation, and from that I help them uncover who they TRULY are, who they were created to be.  I help uncover their TRUE PURPOSE and build them up with love, encouragement and the proper tools for cultivating and creating a healthy mind!  A mind that drives their life forward instead of being stuck in the mud.

The truth is if we form many negative thought patterns over the course of our life, without even knowing it, BUT it can be undone, and new thought patterns can be created!

Isn't that awesome?!

So How can I support YOU?

You may be thinking, by why can YOU help ME?  The answer is, because... 

I've been where you've been.  I know it well!

My whole life I felt like I was always trying to be good enough, worthy enough.  For what you may ask?  Love, belonging, to matter!  I'd be lying if I still don't struggle with wanting to be approved of.  But I have come a LONG way.  God has shown me that because I am His, because I belong to Him, I never have to struggle for my worth or approval.  I am approved!  God approved me, the only authority that matters.  

I think I always knew that, but knowing that truth and LIVING in that truth are two different things.  I'm happy to tell you today I live in that truth.  I have and continue to cast out the lies of the enemy.  I continue to break negative cycles and I give Glory to God the whole way!

I can help you do this too!

What if you could learn to:

  • Love yourself deeply, imperfections and all.
  • Know your unchanging worth and LIVE as your true self!
  • Cultivate rest and contentment so that you can better SAVOR your beautiful life!
  • Accept your imperfections and use them for GROWTH!

Why Choose me as your coach?

If any or all of the above resonates with you, sounds like what you'd like your life to feel like then I STRONGLY encourage you to consider me as your COACH!

  • I firmly believe that is it MY purpose to help passionate women uncover their true purpose!
  • I speak the truth to you in love and kindness.  My clients trust me with their whole heart!
  • I am extremely reliable because keeping my commitments really matters to me.
  • My tools and resources have helped many women become unstuck in their current situation and move forward into their TRUE purpose in life.
  • My energy and authenticity attracts many beautiful souls because they are looking for that connection in their lives.



Here is what some have said:

"I really like the way you teach. It's more from your experiences, than text book guidelines. 

You are a heaven sent healer. You help us to see that what we are going through is normal and other people go through it as well.

I have been so much nicer to myself since you have been in my life! You are a blessing." 

-Lana Poulin


"I really enjoyed your Mind Challenge course!  You have a unique way of getting to the heart of the matter and it has allowed me to strip away the negativity and move forward in my life.  My close friends definitely noticed a positive shift in my mood and attitude.

You are incredibly caring and personal with an intense desire to help people.  Thank you for providing me the tools to move forward in my journey."

-Phiyen Vanna


"You have played a major role in giving me the tools I need to be successful in my weight loss journey.I have also learned to love myself more. I've been learning to laugh at myself whenever I make a mistake. It actually makes me feel better even if I feel crappy at the moment. I end up feeling better about myself when I learn to laugh at my mistakes and not dwell on them for too long."

-Julie S.

Vanessa’s coaching has helped me to pinpoint my struggles, and find the deeper root. When I feel like I'm struggling, I'll take deep breaths to calm myself to calm myself.

I ask myself questions. What are you feeling? Why do you feel like that? And keep asking WHY. There is always a deeper root.

If I don't move past it, I won't continue to grow as a person. I know there will also be struggles and fears. It's how we pick ourselves up and move through these struggles and fears, that help shape our life.

Vanessa’s coaching has helped me build my personal growth.

-Michelle M


If you're ready for action...

I suggest my Fired Up Membership or one of my 1:1 coaching packages.  Each will allow you to work on creating a positive mindset that will literally change your life.  

My clients have had a 100% success rate.  They feel positive, clear and confident in moving forward with their life!

If you feel unsure of where to start then I invite you to book a complementary discovery call using the button below. :-)